Policy for Environmentally and Ethically Responsible Practices

Prevention of Pollution

Oriental Paper Mill is committed to business practices that help sustain the environment. We believe environmental protection is vital to the future of our business and the future of society.

Our Practices

Product Diversity

We stay current on the available materials for paper composition, determining their suitability for the appropriate end-use and their impact on the environment.


We educate everyone in our supply chain about our commitment to the environment. We support and actively participate in industry functions that promote awareness of environmentally sound business practices. Our employees are trained in the environmental “footprint” of the recycling, tree harvesting, transportation and paper-making processes. Opportunities are uncovered to lessen the footprint through recycling, certification or alternative grades or basis weights. This education also extends to our customers, as we strive to help them make informed purchasing decisions which consider the application, cost, and environmental impact of the paper they choose.

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