Products (NEWSPRINT)

Newsprint is a lightweight paper, made mainly from mechanical wood pulp, engineered to be bright and opaque for the good print contrast needed by newspapers. Newsprint also contains special tensile strength for repeated folding.

Newsprint is used by publishers and printers for its combination of being relatively low, high strength (to run through modern high- speed web printing presses) and the ability to accept four-color printing at qualities that meet the needs of typical newspaper advertisers.

Art Paper

A term used for both Sides Coated Printing Paper with smooth surface. The Coating of both sides will be same glossy or matt as per requirements of the consumer. Oriental Paper Mill is manufacturing and supplying Chromo Paper/Card /Board and Art Paper/ Card/Board. We are manufacturing the materials according to the requirements of end users in various GSM range & quality to satisfy their needs.

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